Tech621 – Internet Culture Topics/Assignments

In our Social Internet class tonight, we brainstormed on topics having to do with Internet Culture. During our April 5th class, each student will present on a topic from the list below. Professor V. has said we need to follow this structure:

1. Definition – what it is, brief history
2. Major examples
3. (optional) Big ideas / Values underlying
4. (optional) Implications

Natasha – Wiki Pages
Kenie – P2P File Sharing
Nara – Viral Videos
Jackie – Internet Urban Legends
Adam – Gaming Communites
Andrew & Scott – Internet pranking
Jack – Vidding
Sergio – Mashups
Rachel – Porn
Anish – Geek Culture
Amanda – Ecommerce/Marketplace
Brandon – YouTube
Israa – Internet Bullying
Michelle – Internet Celebrities
Sarah & Laura – Linguistic Culture
Brandon, Vanessa, Adam – Memes

Some details still need to be discussed:
– presentation order?
– length of each presentation?
– grouping topics/teaming up for presentation?
– other issues?

Feel free to discuss in the comments below!


About jackmoreland

My name is John, but I go by Jack. I'm a Senior Research Scientist at Purdue University Calumet. I work in the Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation. I'm also working on a PhD in Technology focusing on Augmented Reality as an educational tool. My wife is a high school science teacher and we have a son. Life is busy but good. I'm currently taking a class called "Social Internet" which is giving me the kick-in-the-pants I need to get into social media. Result? This blog and I'm also now on twitter (@jack_moreland). This could be fun... =)
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5 Responses to Tech621 – Internet Culture Topics/Assignments

  1. msvanessab says:

    I personally don’t mind when our group (memes) goes. Memes could really fit anywhere in the hierarchy, considering it kind of blew up…with everything.

    If the class is strictly presentations, then we each have approximately 10 minutes (including a question session afterward), with a little cushy room (roughly 20 minutes) for anyone that goes over.

    If there is something else that needs to be done that night, then Dr. V will probably post something about it on her blog/Twitter.

    I think some people are changing up their spots in Twitter, but I’m not 100% certain. Hopefully everyone remembers we’re discussing it here.

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  3. Adam Black says:

    I’m also fine going whenever. I don’t think the order really matters, so we could probably just go on a volunteer-basis. Hopefully we get some time in class tomorrow to get with our smaller groups (for some of the topics) to divide and conquer the subjects. Also, I have a ton of meme pics that I find hilarious, but others may find offensive. I’m don’t take humor seriously (duh) and don’t get offended by much of anything, so I’m reallying going to struggle to censor myself.

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  5. Adam Black says:

    I actually have a decent amount of info to discuss about gaming communities, so I’d like to go light on my part of the memes presentation or withdraw altogether. Vanessa and Brandon, think you guys can handle it?

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