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My name is John, but I go by Jack. I'm a Senior Research Scientist at Purdue University Calumet. I work in the Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation. I'm also working on a PhD in Technology focusing on Augmented Reality as an educational tool. My wife is a high school science teacher and we have a son. Life is busy but good. I'm currently taking a class called "Social Internet" which is giving me the kick-in-the-pants I need to get into social media. Result? This blog and I'm also now on twitter (@jack_moreland). This could be fun... =)

Back Again (2018)

Time flies… Someone should do something about that. I haven’t blogged in forever. Quick updates about me: Work: Senior Research Scientist at Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation at Purdue University Northwest School: PhD Student at Purdue University West … Continue reading

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The Return (and Random Epic Music)

Wow, I’ve been pretty terrible about blogging lately. I fell into the trap of telling myself “it’s been a while since my last blog so I’d better make the next one worth the wait…” and I don’t come up with anything … Continue reading

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Tech621 – Internet Culture Topics/Assignments

In our Social Internet class tonight, we brainstormed on topics having to do with Internet Culture. During our April 5th class, each student will present on a topic from the list below. Professor V. has said we need to follow this structure: 1. … Continue reading

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The Best of PhD Comics (Part 1)

If you are now or have ever been a grad student, you absolutely MUST become familiar with PhD Comics (that’s right, I used bold, italics, underline, AND CAPS). I came across this comic strip during my 2nd year of grad school and it has … Continue reading

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Research Topic – AR’s Teen years

I’ve been thinking about possible research topics for my Social Internet class over the last couple weeks. While I was batting around several ideas trying to find the right topic, my topic seems to have found me. It emerged through … Continue reading

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Vlog #1 – The Jack Moreland Show!!!

Check out my first pass at a vlog where I cover random topics that caught my interest today (The Virtusphere, An English translation of “The Last Ring-Bearer”, and Zelda turns 25!!!) Does this format work? Is the pace too slow? … Continue reading

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Visualization and Time Travel

Let me tell you about a little online journey I just completed. What started in the realm of entertainment (science fiction and time travel), ended up taking me to some faimiliar areas of visualization with some funny tie-ins, touching on … Continue reading

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